Is a Luxury Lifestyle Bad for the Environment?

When we think of a luxury lifestyle, what comes to mind? Expensive cars, private jets, vacations to faraway places, fancy dinners in fine restaurants and the like? While wealth does have its advantages, one key benefit is allowing the individual the freedom to choose the lifestyle they wish to experience. While this freedom of choice is cherished and envied by many, it may be surprising that many affluent people are choosing to use their freedom to engage in and promote environmental sustainability, reduced environmental footprint, conservation and global stewardship. What is even more exciting is that regular everyday people can also participate without the need for extreme wealth.

Bright Idea

While the light emitting diode has been in existence for decades, we have only just begun to see the transformation of this technology into a proven tool for the replacement of incandescent and halogen light bulbs while significantly reducing energy consumption. LED light bulbs now come in every size and shape and have evolved from their clunky unrefined beginning to sharp modern designs that appeal not only to the eye but to the pocketbook. They also last much longer than regular light bulbs, which is a bonus for sure. When considering how many individual light bulbs are in a single average sized home and the expense associated with providing energy to those lights, it is no wonder that a key priority for many is the conversion of their existing lights to LED lights. The only factor inhibiting the widespread proliferation of LED lights is the initial expense. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars converting all of the lights in their home to LED lights, even if they will get that money back in lower energy bills. The good news is that as more people such as those enjoying the luxury lifestyle demand more LED lights, the cost to the consumers will become more reasonable, thus lowering the cost of access to these fantastic products. Some websites even allow you to purchase LED lights in volume at great discounts and deliver them to your door, proving that bright ideas can be affordable.

Pimp My Ride

If you think of the wealthy riding around in their Bentleys, Ferraris and Cadillac SUVs, have a look again. Many affluent are making a conscious decision to reduce their carbon emissions footprint by supplementing their collection of gas guzzling flashy rides with Hybrid vehicles or fully electric rides. Although until recently there were only a few hybrid or electric options for commercial consumption, the array of choices has exploded and with fantastic styling that will make heads turn. With brands such as Lincoln, Lexus and Porche now producing hybrid options, you can have your cake and eat it too. And for those who enjoy the look and feel of an exotic car, take a look at the Karma by Fisker Automotive. With styling reminiscent of Aston Martin, this car definitely delivers in the “hot ride” category.

But if you live in a modern metropolis like New York, Toronto or London, the more appealing option for both functionality and style would be a moped, or to be more exact, an electric bike. E-bikes are spritely electric powered bicycles that can get you places quite quickly especially when there is any level of traffic. Consuming mere pennies per charge and being able to travel 40-50 kilometers on a single charge at 30-50 kilometers per hour, the benefits of this mode of transportation are being looked at by more and more people. Along with being a bit more affordable than a car, e-bikes are extremely fun to drive and are perfect for quick trips to the market or to visit friends. The bonus every time you drive your hybrid or electric vehicle is the good feeling you have in knowing you are creating a minimal environmental footprint.

A Sneak Peek at Teak

If you entertain often or have lots of friends over to enjoy the barbecue in the summer, you will know that buying a good patio set is an essential addition to your home. Patio sets come in a variety of styles, materials and price points. Everything from cheap and cheerful to ultra-high-end with the associated price tag can be found in this home furnishings category. So how could a patio set have an impact on the environment? You don’t drive it and it does not use power. The key traits that have an environmental impact for patio furniture are the materials used to make the furniture and the frequency of replacement. Cheap patio furniture is typically made from tubular metal that has been painted, along with plastic parts. The materials themselves can be hazardous to the environment as materials rust, paint bubbles and chips off, and plastic components become brittle and break. They need to be replaced every few years with new sets, with the old sets being sent to the dump and placed into landfills. The cheaper the sets, the more environmentally harmful and less biodegradable the components typically are. Now the flip side to this coin is teak patio furniture. Teak is a natural material that is now being harvested in an environmentally sustainable commercial environment. Traditionally teak has been known to be high end when created into patio furniture and along with this the price has traditionally been very high. Once built into furniture, it will last for generations if properly maintained. In this sense, you can rationalize paying a bit more for teak furniture if you know that the replacement costs will be minimal.

The Picture is Getting Clearer… Butt Wait!!

Bathrooms provide a small degree of privacy and peace in an otherwise hectic life. The few moments spent in it, taking a relaxing bath, collecting ones thoughts and preparing for the beginning or the end of each day are cherished by many. But when you take a closer look at this shelter from the outside world, there are two key points of waste that when multiplied by the frequency and number of people that use this room in every household in the world, that’s potentially a huge problem.

The first is water, specifically hot water. For most of us, hot water sits in a tank in our basement which occasionally uses gas or electricity to keep the internal water temperature at a set level of hotness. Many people who lead the luxury lifestyle enjoy things “on demand”. They like their TV “on demand”, fine dining “on demand” and hot water “on demand”. On demand hot water heaters have proliferated greatly in other areas of the world, but are only beginning to become popular in North America. Small devices are installed close to where hot water is needed and as the hot water is called for, the device heats up the water instantly to the desired temperature. This eliminates the wasted energy of keeping a tank of water hot when it is not being used.

The second area of waste is paper, most of which goes down the toilet… literally. Toilet paper is the norm for keeping us clean, however there is great expense associated its purchase as well as in addressing the environmental impact of this volume of organic waste. The solution for this problem can be traced back to the 17th century with the creation of the bidet. Popularized in the early 1900s with the proliferation of modern plumbing, the bidet was not only the epitome of high class and elite living back then, but has experienced a resurgence in this modern age. Although more commonly seen in Europe, the health benefits and smaller environmental footprint of the bidet has been a draw for the wealthy. A bidet uses a gentle spray of water to wash oneself and a dedicated towel is used to dry after use, thus eliminating the need for paper products. Installation of this fixture has become a staple in mansions, high-end hotels and resorts, and spas across North America, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and elsewhere. For those of us that do not have the washroom space to install an additional fixture, technology has been created to allow the bidet function to be integrated into the toilet seat. This means that with replacement of the toilet seat and some very basic plumbing, anyone can have access to the benefits of a bidet in their home at quite a reasonable price for the average consumer. This is yet one more way that people looking for luxury are asserting their caring for the environment into conscious daily choices that can have the greatest impact in their lives.


So what we are able to conclude from our brief look at the modern technological advancements and keen choices available to those who value luxury in their lives, is that more so than ever people who have the means to obtain these products are making environmentally good choices. So that begs the question, what about the rest of us? We all choose priorities differently in our lives and that is a right afforded to all. Some may prefer to make a statement by choosing to drink an organic or fair trade coffee every morning while others rollerblade or walk to work to save money and the environment all at the same time. Whatever your preference, the choice is yours to make as you wish to set your priority. The good news is that all of the technologies and products I have mentioned in this article, if any have peaked your interest, are becoming more affordable to the regular consumer. With their increase in popularity, the growth in international logistics and trade, availability of information on the internet, not only is it possible to find wonderful products that are beneficial to the environment but you are now able to score them are great prices. With this in mind, it has never been easier to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and feel even better about helping the environment.

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Fitness: Top 2 Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle to Avoid

A sedentary lifestyle presents a number of possible threats and dangers, and the topmost of these threats include obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. If you spend most of your time in a static position, your muscles and bones may grow weaker, resulting to acute pain and even arthritis.

Also, according to health experts, sedentary lifestyle has the potential to promote speedy aging process and would likely cause psychological issues. This is why fitness shouldn’t be an optional endeavor, but a way of life.

So, What is a Sedentary Lifestyle?

If your life is characterized by lack of physical activity, you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. And, in the present modern society, majority of people lead one form of sedentary life or the other.

For instance, the working class individuals spend most part of their day (up to eight hours) sitting behind the computer at work. Then, they will get back home in a car and sit back to watch the television before retiring to bed. There is no room for physical activities and deliberate exercise. Over time, this kind of lifestyle could pose major threats to the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual.

What are the Dangers of Sedentary Lifestyle?


As mentioned earlier, obesity is one of the major aftermaths of a sedentary lifestyle. The problem about a sedentary lifestyle is that little or no calories are used up. This becomes worse if you are eating the same amount of food as someone who is always on the go.

Consequently, weight gain will continue and lead to obesity ultimately. And, if you do nothing to get some physical activities or exercises, the situation will increase the chances of diabetes.

If you are already obese or tending towards obesity, you need to quit your inactive lifestyle without further delay! In fact, you would need to embark on weight loss boot camp urgently to speed up weight loss.

Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Another grave danger of lack of exercise is the risk of cardiovascular diseases, discovered to be common among individuals who live inactive lifestyle. The reason is simple; when you spend most of your time without embarking on physical activities, your heart do not get the sufficient amount of blood supply that it requires to function properly.

Also, people who lead sedentary lifestyle are exposed to risk of other ailments such as breast cancer and colon cancer, including osteoporosis (a condition where the bone gets weak and loses strength).

So, what is the lesson from it all? It’s simple; get into fitness activities and quit completely from inactive lifestyle. You should also focus on healthy meal prep recipes.

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The Rose

Lifestyle is style over amount. And style is an art – the art of living. You can’t buy style with money. You can’t buy good taste with money. You can only buy more with money. Lifestyle is culture – the appreciation of good music, dance, art, sculpture, literature, plays and the art of living well. It’s a taste for the fine, the unique, the beautiful.

Lifestyle also means rewarding excellence wherever you find it by not taking the small things of life for granted. With Valentine’s Day approaching I wanted to illustrate this with a personal anecdote:

Many years ago my lady friend and I were on a trip to Carmel, California for some shopping and exploring. On the way we stopped at a service station. As soon as we parked our car in front of the pumps, a young man, about eighteen or nineteen, came bouncing out to the car and with a big smile said, “Can I help you?”

“Yes,” I answered. “A full tank of gas, please.” I wasn’t prepared for what followed. In this day and age of self-service and deteriorating customer treatment, this young man checked every tire, washed every window – even the sunroof – singing and whistling the whole time. We couldn’t believe both the quality of service and his upbeat attitude about his work.

When he brought the bill I said to the young man, “Hey, you really have taken good care of us. I appreciate it.”

He replied, “I really enjoy working. It’s fun for me and I get to meet nice people like you.”

This kid was really something!

I said, “We’re on our way to Carmel and we want to get some milkshakes. Can you tell us where we can find the nearest Baskin-Robbins?”

“Baskin-Robbins is just a few blocks away,” he said as he gave us exact directions. Then he added, “Don’t park out front – park around to the side so your car won’t get sideswiped.”

What a kid!

As we got to the ice cream store we ordered milkshakes, except that instead of two, we ordered three. Then we drove back to the station. Our young friend dashed out to greet us. “Hey, I see you got your milkshakes.”

“Yes, and this one is for you!”

His mouth fell open. “For me?”

“Sure. With all the fantastic service you gave us, I couldn’t leave you out of the milkshake deal.”

“Wow!” was his astonished reply.

As we drove off I could see him in my rear-view mirror just standing there, grinning from ear to ear.

Now, what did this little act of generosity cost me? Only about two dollars – you see, it’s not the money, it’s the style.

Well, I must have been feeling especially creative that day, so on our arrival in Carmel I drove directly to a flower shop. As we walked inside I said to the florist, “I need a long-stemmed rose for my lady to carry while we go shopping in Carmel.”

The florist, a rather unromantic type, replied, “We sell them by the dozen.”

“I don’t need a dozen,” I said, “just one.”

“Well,” he replied haughtily, “it will cost you two dollars.”

“Wonderful,” I exclaimed. “There’s nothing worse than a cheap rose.”

Selecting the rose with some deliberation, I handed it to my friend. She was so impressed! And the cost? Two dollars. Just two dollars. A bit later she looked up and said, “Jim, I must be the only woman in Carmel today carrying a rose.” And I believe she probably was.

Can you imagine the opportunity to create magic with those around you, and all for the cost of a few dollars, some imagination and care.

Remember, it is not the amount that matters but the thought and care that often has the greatest impact upon those you love.

To Your Success,

Jim Rohn

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5 General Ways For a Better Lifestyle, Fitness and Health

Definition of Life style: A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group A lot of people go through life used to a certain lifestyle only because that is what they have known from birth. Our family, friends, work; media all shape the lifestyle we live. Some never get the opportunity to be exposed to anything different and easily develop habits which live with them till death.

We are all generally averse to change and some NEVER admit to having an unhealthy or adverse lifestyle and shut themselves off to anything better. There are however lot of ways to break the habit and live a better life because lets admit it we can all be better them we are now. A lot of us are desperate for a lifestyle change, lifestyle lift, healthier lifestyle, lifestyle fitness. Let’s look at 5 ways to do this.

1. Improve your Mind.

It cannot be over emphasized the importance or having an improved and open mindset. The first change has to come from within. How can you do this? Self discipline… We sometimes know what is right for us and how improve our lives but never do it because we tell our minds that it can’t be done, it’s not worth doing, do it as you know it. Without self discipline it is very difficult to live differently. Get a diary or a small book, writing out your goals. Start with e.g. eleven things to achieve in 2011. Make a commitment to yourself and discipline your mind and strive to achieve your goals. You can set daily goals, weekly or monthly lifestyle improvement goals. You then have action these goals and tick them off your list.

2. Always Know Your Starting point.

We down play our achievements only because we never take stock of our starting point. To make a positive and improved lifestyle, note your current state. Example, if you want to become healthier and loose 2stones. The wise thing to do is weight yourself now and then you will know if you have achieved your goal in say 2months. The same will apply to all your goals and by the end of a year you will be surprised how far you have come. Any change is a radical step as you all telling your whole body that we are changing course, you must know how effective the change has been

3. Boost Your Energy Level.

Feeling energetic is a key to happiness and to self-esteem, so take steps to keep your energy high. Exercise, even a quick ten-minute walk will increase your energy and boost your mood, this really works. Energy (or lack of energy) is contagious. If you feel and act energetic, you’ll help the people around you feel energetic, too. Be careful also of what you read and watch as this makes you energetic or not. You have to sole responsibility with what enters your body. Get enough sleep, listen to good music, talk to friends as all these will give you a lifestyle change.

4. Watch your entry points (ears and eyes).

There are two main entry points into your body and most of us never control what comes in. Your life will be shaped by what you listen, read, watch. Ignore all the junk on TV for at least an evening in a week and search the internet for, lifestyle questionnaires, join lifestyle blogs, read healthy lifestyle tips. Look for lifestyle websites and find products to improve your lifestyle.

5. Live a Luxury Lifestyle the easy way.

This is somehow a controversial point but a luxurious lifestyle need not be luxurious and I will explain. Did you know that rich people live a very cheap lifestyle?, a rich man or woman will but an expensive car which will not break down for the next 6years, the rich will shop in bulk taking advantage of all the offers of buying in bulk, they will pay for a gym and get all the best exercise available e.t.c. The one who settles for a “mediocre” lifestyle buys a second hand car that is serviced every two weeks and at the end of a year will cost more than an expensive car. We sometimes buy things on a daily basis and end up spending more, will eat any food and exercise very little or not at all. You can choose to live in luxury by spending a little bit more now to gain in future. Dress well and be fashionable

There are so many benefits of a better lifestyle, if you cannot do it alone there are lifestylers or lifestyle coaches who can always give you the needed start but it is ultimately your decision if you want a change.

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How to Build an Electric Car in 3 Straightforward Steps

With today’s climbing fuel costs there has never been a better time for you to build an electric car. Electric cars are not only clean and cheap to run, they can travel at normal highway speeds, and have a range between charges of at least 100 miles or more. The range is dependent on the number of batteries you install and the type of terrain you drive in.

We are not talking about a glorified golf cart either, most cars or small trucks can be converted. Plus you will enjoy vastly reduced maintenance costs as your electric motor has few moving parts, and they last for ages. Listed here are my top 3 tips to help you to ensure success.

1. Get your donor vehicle. – This is the car or truck that you are going to convert. Look for something strong but light, as well as something that fits in with your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if it is diesel or petrol powered, the only thing is that it should be manual transmission, as the conversion process is vastly more complicated with an automatic gearbox. Don’t worry if you can’t drive a manual car as the electric car will not need any gear changing or use of a clutch.

2. Get your motor and batteries. – You will need to get a DC motor, and 16 to 20 deep cycle batteries to provide the power for it. Old DC motors can be picked up very cheaply, in some instanced free. Further good news is you can also pick up suitable but used batteries free, these batteries only need some simple work to bring them back to a like new state. Once you have your vehicle, motor, and batteries, you are ready to complete the conversion.

3. Assemble your vehicle. – It sounds simple, and it often is, all you have to do is remove the conventional engine, leaving the flywheel and gearbox. Then simply connect in your DC motor in the same place as the original engine.

It simply remains to provide a controller to fix the amount of current flowing from the batteries to the motor, which determines how fast you go. The controller is connected to your old accelerator pedal linkage.

In order to charge your batteries between trips, you will need an on-board battery charger. That way you can just plug it into any common AC circuit and get charged up again.

Following these pointers will help you to successfully build an electric car. Not only will you slash your fuel and maintenance costs, you may also get several lucrative tax breaks, depending on where you live. So you will save money, and help save the planet too.

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New Car: A New Lease on Life

Do your children complain about space in the car? Is it a headache for you to go shopping in the car? Does it require maintenance every couple of months? If you are unhappy with your car, the answer is simple. Buy a new car because it will put an end to all your worries. Also, you will be able to opt for a better lifestyle and a higher level of comfort.

Here are some of the points, carefully sorted out for you, to understand why buying a new car will give a new lease on life:

1. Style and Status

Your car represents your status in the society. And the type of car that you choose, decides your taste of luxury. It is also important that the car must project your status efficiently. For example it would look very odd if a business magnate uses an old pickup truck.

If you want to project a successful image, you must buy a new car that uplifts your status.

2. Upgrade to New Features

Do you remember the early robots from the old movies? Now, compare them to the present-day transformers. The same change is visible in cars. Auto manufacturing companies provide unique and innovative features every day. And, your old car may lack a few of them. So, if you want to enjoy new features and better comfort, buy a new car.

3. Keep a Check on Pollution

'Nothing lasts forever' and the same applies to your car engine. All the car engines come with a calculated life span. After certain years of use, the depreciation rate of the engine accelerates and you may face problems with it. The engine may start emitting CO (Carbon mono oxide), CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and other harmful pollutants. It will affect the environment and increase pollution. If your car has an engine that emits pollutants, it is time to change it.

4. Easy Auto Loans

Thanks to lenders, getting auto loan approval is not difficult. If you want to buy a new car with the help of an auto loan, consider the following simple tasks:

Submit your documents to the lender,

Provide references of your employers to the lender,

Submit your bank information for scrutiny,

Provide information of your previous loans.

Once the lender analyzes your loan application and other documents, he will approve you for an auto loan. Remember that you can apply for guaranteed auto loans. It means the lender will deposit the loan amount in your bank within a couple of hours of the approval.

5. A Car saves your Valuable Time

Reaching any destination via public transport is accomplishing a major task because it involves adjusting with a large crowd. Moreover, it requires careful planning and conscious efforts as you have to consider several unexpected delays. If you want to avoid the problems that come with public transport, buy a new car. It will save your time and efforts. And, you will be able to reach your destination on time.

6. Leave behind the Maintenance Cost

Every mechanical part has a limited life. And, as every mechanical part of your car is subjected to wear and tear, it requires maintenance in the form of repair or replacement. But, if the maintenance cost overtakes the operation cost of the car, you must replace it. It is because you cannot afford to waste money on a car which requires more maintenance and delivers less.

7. Suits your family

Time changes! When you were in college, a two-seater sports car was sufficient. But, the same car may not fulfill your family needs. You must change your car as the requirements change. If your car does serve your purpose, do not keep it as a souvenir. Buy a new one.

8. Higher Resale Value

Today, the resale value of a used car is high. It means you can enjoy a good return on your old car. You will get a decent amount on exchanging your old car for a new vehicle. So, why don't you buy a new car and provide comfort to your family?

Stop adjusting in an old car and start thinking of buying a new car. It will definitely give you and your family a new lease on life. So don't hesitate in taking a step to a new world of luxury.

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What it Takes to Be a Pilot Car Driver

You’ve seen them – pickup trucks or cars driving in front of a tractor trailer pulling a very wide load. These are called pilot cars, and the people who drive them are professionals who specialize in that form of driving. You may have thought that those cars and trucks were part of a team, but in fact the pilot car driver is usually someone contracted to get the load through a particular state. So what does it take to be a pilot driver? Read on and find out.

There is a certain amount of equipment your vehicle will require. For instance, you will need a fire extinguisher, a CB radio, flags, and an oversize load sign. It goes without saying that you need a highly reliable vehicle capable of handling long drives. Equipment requirements can vary from state to state, so it is important to have the equipment required by the states in which you work.

Gathering together the equipment you need is the easy part. The hard part is living the lifestyle necessary to be successful in the industry. The life of a pilot car is very similar to a truck driver in that it requires many hours of driving with limited interruptions. Just like truck drivers, they are paid by the mile. So the more miles you can drive in a day, the more you can earn.

There is one area where these drivers are at a disadvantage relative to their companion truck drivers – the pilot car driver has nowhere to sleep! When the day is done, a pilot car driver must find a hotel. This adds to his time on the road and is an additional expense to consider.

There is also a certain level of danger associated with driving a pilot car. There may be times when quick lane changes or other repositioning is required to accommodate the needs of the wide load vehicle. Sometimes aggressive driving is required, so timidity is not a trait that will lead to success in this field.

This type of driving is not something that you should just decide to do with no training. Your best bet to get into the field is to find an experienced driver who will allow you to ride along, and later maybe even drive the vehicle yourself. The wider the load, and the more difficult the situation, the higher the level of training that will be required to drive safely and effectively.

Pilot car driving is not an easy life, and it definitely requires a high level of concentration and determination. But if driving is what you love, and you are willing to live a lifestyle similar to a trucker, then it is a profession that you might find very satisfying.

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10 Simple Lifestyle Changes For Raising Healthy Kids

1. Limit Television, Computer, and Gaming Time.

Kids tend to be addicted to playing video games or watching their favorite shows. They can keep doing so for hours. Therefore, it is important to limit the time they use to do these things. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that kids who tend to sit around all day in front of screens tend to get more obese faster as oppose to an active kid.

2. Spend Quality Time.

Spending quality time with your children can mean a lot to them and will make them more willing to try something new if parents are encouraging them. Try to promote long, hilly hikes and intense bike rides. Do some outdoorsy activities that they would not do on an average day.

3. Engage Them.

Although many children dislike doing chores it is a good way to keep them distracted and help parents around the house. Also, doing chores will give them a sense of responsibility and keep them away from trouble and things they shouldn’t be doing.

4. Compulsory Playing Time.

Kids joining a sport they enjoy is a great way to meet new people and get a good deal of exercise. It was teach kids a valuable lesson on how to be a team player and cooperate with other kids in a mannerly fashion.

5. Take A Walk Rather Than Take A Car.

If you have to grab something from a store nearby don’t always take the car. Grab your kids and take them with you for a walk to the store. That is a great way to promote some movement in your kids if they don’t do much. Alternatively, bribe them, if they want ice cream, they have to walk there and get it.

6. No Homework Right after School.

Don’t promote your kids to do their homework right after school. Allow them to go do some fun activities outdoors with their friends. It is important that kids stay active after school and before dinner.

7. Allow them to Express.

Don’t try to decide what your child gets to wear or not. Of course lay down ground rules, but decide their whole wardrobe for them. Allow the child to pick what he/she wants, that way they can express their sense of style. Don’t always go choosing things to do, signing up for events without their consultation. Their opinion about the stuff is the most important since they are going to be the ones enduring them.

8. Feed them Healthy Foods.

Eating healthy is very important, it can prevent many future diseases and injuries. Don’t allow you kids to eat chips, candy, ice cream, etc. all day. Limit them to a limited serving at a certain time once in a while, every day is not good. Also, try mixing it up! Mix up variety of fruits in the mixer and add a scoop of ice cream in it, Or give them celery with melted chocolate, apples with peanut butter. There are so many options; you just have to take the time to find them.

9. Listen to them.

When you child comes home from school listen to what he/she have to say. Don’t cut them off because of your own business. Allow them the chance to say what they need to say, who knows you might find out something new. If you don’t listen to what your children have to say, that might put a distance between you and your child, it can have quite an emotional effect.

10. Allow Your Children Some Space And Independence.

Allow your child some independence, that does not mean that it is okay for them to leave uninformed or come home late it just means don’t be all over their space. If you child want to go to hang out with his/her friends in the park don’t always tag along, or if they are playing video games in the living room, don’t sit there and watch their every move. It is okay if your child wants to do things alone, they are growing up, and you should expect changes.

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Healthy Living – Make Cooking at Home Part of Your Lifestyle

Most health problems today are primarily a result of indiscretion: most illnesses are self-inflicted. Not always of course, but it is predominantly the case we are at fault, and we could have done much better.

Nutrition is a big part of it. What we put into our body matters a lot more than you may think. Food is more than just fuel. However, even on that note, think about it this way. If you owned a luxury car like a Bentley or a Ferrari, would you opt for a “low-grade” fuel? You need to treat yourself as you deserve, and it is the very best. Not only should you eat well, but you need to cook a majority of the time also. Do both at once…

1. Make cooking convenient. Perhaps your reason for not preparing your meals is a lack of time or practice. The second is easily solved – cook more often! There is no better day than today for getting started: millions of recipes are at your fingertips – one search away.

A lack of time can be a barrier, and this is why you need to make cooking convenient. Cook a few times a week but make large portions to cover several meals. Or cook regularly, but make simple, healthy meals. Save the more elaborate dishes for the weekend.

If it helps, treat yourself to new kitchen tools: anything that makes cooking more practical for you.

2. Make cooking enjoyable. Cooking does not have to feel like a chore…

  • have music playing in the background or listen to a podcast.
  • try some new recipes.

Shorten your cooking time by perfecting your favorite dish – if you take 30 seconds less each time, it will add up. Anything much longer than 30 minutes on a weeknight will make many people averse to cooking. However, if you find you can prepare a meal in 20 minutes or less, you will enjoy it because you will be looking forward to eating a meal you are sure to like – well most of the time.

Do the above, and you will quickly make cooking a habit. It is a habit that pays for itself – the time you invest will earn you dividends in the form of better health. Even if you are not always preparing perfectly healthy meals, chances are you will be doing better than throwing pre-made food in the oven or microwave.

Take pride in preparing and cooking your meals. Invest more in this essential life skill. As long as you are not engaging in bad habits too often – like snacking or being completely sedentary, the difference it makes will be positive. It will help you prevent common health problems and improve your health and in turn, live a healthier life.

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Lifestyle of a Trucker

Truckers are one of the most essential components of everyday life and are prominent in so many sectors of industry including retail, automotive, manufacturing, food and dining. The lifestyle of a trucker has an element of glamor in it that attracts many young drivers into the market. For example, truck drivers get amazing opportunities to tour various parts of the nation, while developing stellar driving abilities. However, as with all careers, there are upsides and downsides to a career in trucking, which is the highlight of this article.

Advantages of a Career in Trucking

The first major advantage of a career in trucking is that the supply and demand is in favor of demand. Jobs are very easy to locate due to very high demand and minimal qualifications are often necessary to snatch them.

Yes, the days can be very long and arduous but if you think about it, all you’re really doing is driving – and for just that you can make yourself a handsome income without every really burning out. Many first-timers make up to $45,000 their first year and $55,000 their second. Furthermore, you don’t have any other expenses to worry about, so you can save up quite a bit during your years of work in the business. No automobile payments, utilities, insurance, or even rent – and some businesses allow you to take your truck home, so you may not even require a car!

By signing up with a reputable company, you will also be well taken care of in terms of equipment. Many trucks are rarely more than 3 years of age so they may feel like brand new.

Most truck stops are also open 24/7, so there will always be a wide range of fun people you can meet and talk to. So, we’ve covered a few of the upsides, now let’s move onto the downsides.

Disadvantages of a Career in Trucking

Probably the biggest disadvantage of the trucking lifestyle is that it can be in one word a “family-killer.” Long haul truck drivers spend as much as 3 weeks on the road without seeing their friends and families. This nomadic lifestyle can be very appealing if you’re single but is disastrous if you have a family. You will meet many strangers and interesting people along the way.

Furthermore, your friends and family will go on with their lives – and those lives no longer involve you! This means that there may always be a “warming-up” period to go through every time you see them again.

Many truckers also find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet while on the road, as you are continuously limited to low-nutrition restaurants or fast-food options on route. Although, with time, you may find new, favorite restaurants along the way, which can make dining out more fun – especially when repeating certain routes.

There is no need to ever look down on the trucking lifestyle as the advantages often outweigh the disadvantages. Don’t worry what people’s opinions are these days on the trucking lifestyle. If they only had a chance to experience what you experience, there lives would only be enriched.

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