Why Financing Your Car Loan at a Credit Union Is a Smart Choice

When you’re buying a new or used car, people typically go straight to the local dealership. While dealerships make their own financing programs sound especially attractive, it’s always to your benefit to shop around for the best auto loan rates-starting with local credit unions. Here are some reasons why you’ll find better auto loan rates and more personalized service at a credit union.

You have a much better chance of getting your loan approved if you have second-rate credit or have had some credit problems in the past. They will more likely listen to your personal story over a traditional commercial bank.

A credit union is different than a traditional bank or other lending institution. They offer loans and other financial services to people through a cooperative membership and it is much more than just a place to house a checking or savings account. They show their members financial interest as a high priority and they are not in business to sell their members anything just to inflate loan volumes. Best of all, their profits go back to their members in the form of lower rates on other products and services like savings and loans. There are 377 credit unions in California with over 1550 local offices. Overall, throughout the country, they save their members approximately $8 billion a year in fees, dividends, etc.

Most credit unions offer better rates to their members or other financial institutions. Especially the banks available through the local car dealerships. Whether you have a large or small down payment for your new or used car, they can educate you on the best possible deals for your auto loan. According to the latest report from Informa, the average rate on a $30,000 new car loan from a bank is 4.16% and from a credit union is 2.82%; which is a 32% reduction in rate and equates to a savings of $1,100 over the life of the car loan.

As a member you have access to educational resources. Almost every credit union has a member or resource center where members can educate themselves about financing options and how to evaluate the value of their vehicle purchase. If you are an inexperienced car buyer you can turn to them for an unbiased opinion. Most importantly, they can show you how to calculate the real value of the car you want to purchase, not just what the dealer tells you, which will ultimately affect your final decision.

Enjoy a member-centered approach. Since loan decisions are made by a local volunteer board rather than a corporate office, members have a more personal experience. This local approach gives you the opportunity to discuss your loan options, discuss flexible repayment choices, as well as review your entire financial situation with your personal loan representative. This type of personal interaction takes away the pressure of applying and locking in your financing and you can be assured they are working with your best interest in mind.

A car loan is helpful. But a good car loan can make a dramatic difference in your life. Financing your next vehicle with your local credit union can save you money, reduce worries and minimize hassles. They specialize in good car loans that fit your specific requirements.

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8 Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

Since car insurance is costly, most consumers don’t want to use it. Buying the right coverage is important, but it costs more to get a new car insured. Give below are a few tips that can help you save money on your car insurance. Read on.

Annual Rate

You can check out some websites to compare different insurers online. While you can’t get a quote immediately, you will get a reply soon from the agents of the company. You may want to consider making a relationship with a good independent agent. They will help you check rates of tons of carriers.

Pick a Good Insurer

Saving money is not about looking for the lowest premium. Actually, some providers offer lower rates of premium. However, they end up charging you more at the end. As a result, you pay more for replacing the parts of the original equipment. In some cases, the provider may increase your premiums post an accident.

The Deductible

With a higher deductible, you will have to pay lower premiums. The reason is that you will be paying more in case of a claim. For instance, if you increase your deductible to, say, $500 from $200, you can cut down on your premium by 15 to 30%. So, if you choose $1,000, you will be able to save as much as 40%.

Review Your Coverage

Liability coverage will pay for your property damage and bodily injury in an accident. It’s not a good idea to reduce your liability to the minimums set by the state. While buying more coverage can seem a strange way of saving a lot, you can enjoy this benefit only if you have a big, expensive claim. As a result, your life savings are at risk. What you need to do is consider your personal injury medical payments and protection coverage.

Use the Discounts

Keep in mind that car insurance providers offer discounts based on the fact that the client has a low-risk lifestyle, such as students, new drivers, experienced drivers and affinity members, just to name a few.

Multiple-Policy Holders

Some providers offer hefty discounts provided you buy your renters, homeowners or life-insurance policy as well. However, make sure that you consider total costs of single-insurer packages and premiums of various providers.

Good Credit Score

Some states let insurance providers use your credit rating to set your premiums. What you need to do is check and fix errors on your credit report. If your rating has been affected by job loss, divorce or any other reason, you may ask your provider for an exception.

Choose Your Car Carefully

For auto insurers, vehicle damage may cost a lot. Therefore, the premiums are set based on the auto model. You may want to ask your provider for estimates on different car models.

So, we suggest that you check out these 8 tips if you are going to buy car insurance and want to save some cash with the purchase. Hopefully, you will be able to save a lot of money.

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Job Security in an Automated World

Industrialization did bring along this notion of jobs which was an offshoot of socialist upheaval. Although there is nothing wrong with it and it did exist in some or the other form of local, domestic and national services. From governmental bodies to various departments such as military and administration but the concept of job creation was tagged along the desire of an individual to be secure in the post mainstream monarchy world of 20th Century. It provided a sense of stability and the ability to work in coherence with the society and afford a lifestyle, have a car and enjoy the weekend. Get a house, go for vacation and have a retirement fund kind of life.

But since all of this was present- what actually lagged was this sense of ownership of one’s energies and productivity to create something unique and something empowering for others around them. Therefore, you see this entrepreneurial revolution brewing up with all these startups from Silicon Valley taking over the suddenly stagnant world. There is no ideological rift but that the change was imminent. The new generation of millennial were fed up of the old-school way of conducting life- there was no thrill no interactivity and no charm at all. Nothing to look forward, nothing to feel passionate about- just a subtle way to eat, sleep, work and repeat. There was no sensation in terms of daring ideas and finding ways to improve lifestyle.

It just wasn’t there. The ways to enhance the global growth that had saturated, was running in circles to find something extraordinary that moves this stagnancy forward. IT and the Silicon Valley outlook provided the sudden base, platform and runway for these ideas to leap and reach forward. It was time that someone who doesn’t own a shipping company, airline, bank or real estate can come forward and claim the limelight and perks. It was inventive and yes he did provide real value. You can call him Jobs, Gates, Bezos, Page or Zuckerberg- the name keeps changing but the vision remains the same. To make life more fun and more enterprising. But yes, it did break lot of preconceived notions and stereotypes. Boy, are we ready to embrace this? We better be, because the way things are moving ahead looks like if we don’t adopt- we will be thrown out of the game.

Looking at the bigger picture and this gradual shift in employment patterns. Conspiracy theorists may wonder if the global economic meltdown was actually engineered to jolt people so that they move towards life of self-fulfillment. Living with paycheck to paycheck left little to appreciate what they were doing. So when money lost its power to satisfy us, we wanted passion to gear our profession.

People were forced out of their homes and deprived of their savings, earning and credit limits to find jobs for which they would work for less. Big pay checks were only left for those who would go out of the way to create a niche for themselves. It may sound a little risky but this development was so long overdue that there was no option left but to force people to take charge of their own lives. There were foreclosures and there were stock market losses but was it a silent call? Only time will tell and whistleblowers will reveal.

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle – Ethical Decision-Making in Environmental Issues

Majority of us are hesitant to become aggressive environmental activists. We have our own occupations and activities that consume most of our time. At the same time, environmental ethical considerations (especially those linked to global warming) can not be ignored anymore. How should an ordinary person like you and me (assuming we are ones) incorporate eco-friendly thinking and habits into her/his own lifestyle and decision-making?

There are lots of advice and messages on what to do and especially on what not to do to become more eco-friendly or to go green. With lots of imperatives one can become confused, suspicious or even downright hostile to the environmental gospel. Assuming you want to avoid this attitude but at the same time you are not willing to go lay down naked on the glacier in protest or block the airports with demonstrations etc. there are some important issues you need to think about.

In ethical decision-making we are prioritizing our values within our value systems. Some concerns are more important to us that other ones. For most of us, for example, the immediate survival of our families is more important than glacier melting. Majority feels that one needs to survive with skills and opportunities one has at present, be ethical, yes, but thinking about environment usually comes only after other ethical concerns. If environmental imperatives (such as, “do not use a car if not necessary”) are directly in conflict with other imperatives we act upon (such as driving your children to specific school at the right time) and those imperatives are more important to us, then environmental concerns simply can not make it to our decision-making process that easily. We all have to face such dilemmas and there are no prescribed solutions.

Few thoughts are helpful though. We can (we need to?) see the human race as a family that collectively struggles for survival and quality of life. Several authors including Martha Nussbaum argue for global ethics and world citizenship – as world citizens we have ethical obligations to humanity as a whole. Assuming that such obligations exist, it is still true that local and immediate (family-wise, ethnic, patriotic etc.) imperatives are more concrete and easily felt than global ones. We need some ways to connect with the awareness of global human family in order to give the environmental ethical concerns – which are a part of global ethics – any higher priority (I don’t mean higher priority than family concerns but higher than zero or higher than we are used to).

Letting environmental activists to make us feel guilty all the time is not a very constructive ground for making changes in becoming more eco-friendly either. It is wise to make a slow but steady progress, to gradually incorporate changes into your lifestyle. Recycling and buying saving light bulbs does not, for example, cost much sacrifice and can be easily realized. Further down the road one might think about using public transport or a bike instead of a car at times, and switching off lights and other devices in your home and in your office when actually not using them. Majority of us though, are not at the stage where we would choose more expensive and several days long train and ship travel instead of a flight on a plane (although plane emissions are by far greater than those of any other form of travel). I assume that for considering such options seriously the negative consequences of air travel would have to be much more clearly present and also directly felt by us individual travelers.

We need to be realistic and good to ourselves and at the same time gradually incorporate the eco-friendly thinking into our everyday life. The extreme positions tend not to last long. In the case of extreme environmentalist activism (like cutting the tyres of the big cars or pouring paint on them) it can do much harm and put off many people from actually taking appropriate action.

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Don’t Leave Home Without This Checklist – How to Buy Car Battery

Cars are a very important part of our modern lifestyle – we use them to go to work, to visit our loved ones, to go to the grocery, to spend leisure time. Our hectic days are very dependent on our means of transportation, so it is very important to make sure that our cars are in tip top shape and always running well.

The car battery, of course, is a very important part of car maintenance. There is no definite time span when you should change your car battery, but if you buy car battery of high quality and the right kind, then it should last for a very long time and serve you and your car for many miles. Here is a simple checklist for things you should remember before you go out and buy car battery again:

Check the size that your car needs. Consult your vehicle’s manual so that you would know what size of battery it requires. Car batteries come in four basic sizes: 37, 75, 34/78 and 65.

Check the shelf life – it is better to buy car battery that hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for a long time (this greatly reduces its warranty and actual life span on your car). Get one that has been there for at least twelve months. (tip: to know when the battery was manufactured or delivered, check the label on the bottom for the shipping date code. The letter stands for the month is was manufactured, and the number stands for the year. So a battery with a M8 label means that it was manufactured on March 2008).

Check if the auto battery comes with a good warranty. Warranties for car batteries will usually have two warranty periods: the free replacement period and a warranty coverage period. The warranty information on a battery usually comes in the form of two numbers, i.e. 24/84. The first number is for the number of months for the free replacement period, and then the second number is for the warranty coverage. It is usually better to buy car battery that has a higher free replacement period.

After you have purchased your auto battery, it is up to you to take care of it and prolong its life. Most people make the glaring mistake of leaving their headlights on in the garage, and then coming back to a dead battery and a car that would not start. You can install an alarm in your car to prevent these kinds of mishaps. Also, check if the car battery you buy is designed for extreme heat or extreme cold, so that you can choose one according to your usual driving conditions. Buy car battery with these things in mind and you can enjoy longer trips and a safer ride on the road.

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Eco-Friendly Automotive Tips for Going Green

If we could get everyone on board to work toward a cleaner, more efficient means of living, the world would be a much better place, and for a lot longer too. With the new movement in eco-friendly practices, we now have access to green cleaning products, eco-friendly appliances, homes, vehicles, and more. So there are several facets of life and living that can easily be improved in terms of leading a greener lifestyle! And one fantastic and very necessary place to start is your car. Continue reading to learn some helpful automotive tips for an eco-friendlier way of life.

Drive Less

Vehicles are imperative assets in our lives. They get us to work, school, and more when the time calls. But there are several opportunities to forgo driving, and choose to walk or ride a bike instead. You can even choose to carpool with coworkers or friends to drive less. If you do this at least once per week, you are making a positive impact on the environment.

Keep Your Car as Long as Possible

It’s tempting to trade in your vehicle for a newer model, or buy a new ride after a great job promotion, but keeping your current vehicle for as long as you can is actually the more eco-friendly practice. Having less cars means less toxic emissions and so forth. Keep your inventory of vehicles as low as possible, for as long as you can.

Properly Dispose Old Auto Parts

Car batteries that can be recycled must be recycled properly, and those that are not must be safely disposed of. Proper disposal for other car parts is important too, including old tires, motor oil, car fluids, and more. Metal auto parts can be recycled for cash at your local scrap metal yard or junkyard. All of these practices will instantly help the environment.

Don’t Skip Scheduled Car Maintenance

Factory scheduled car maintenance is vital to the overall performance, safety, and longevity of every vehicle. And it also helps with the budget since it prevents costly breakdowns and repairs. Scheduled car maintenance includes routine fluid changes, filter replacements, brake service, tire service, battery service, alignments, and more. Proper auto care reduces toxic emissions and fuel consumption, and supports a safer, more efficient operation. All this is eco-friendly and better for the environment. Check your owners’ manual for your vehicle’s suggested service schedule, and talk to your mechanic about your car’s individual needs.

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Ironman 500e Dual Action Elliptical – Say Goodbye To Your Old Lifestyle

Let’s face it. Majority of Americans today live a lifestyle that does not allow for exercise. We take the car to and from work everyday, to the grocer, to the mall or to the next door neighbor. If you are like me, I am discouraged by exercising when I start sweating or when I start to feel the pain in my leg muscles or in my feet. I would say I need a day or two to rest and ease the pain, and afterwards I am too lazy to get back again. I tried swimming, because then I don’t sweat and still have a full body exercise. It is something I enjoyed but I discovered one cannot go swimming everyday.

Most likely, you are one of those people like me who desires to exercise but are too lazy or tired to do anything about it. So we are just content to have a sedentary lifestyle. After coming home from work, you will probably have dinner; sit in front of the TV or your computer before going to bed. Who has time for exercise with the many other things we can do at work and at home? The bad news is that there is no substitute to keeping your body fit and healthy. The good news is that there is the new Ironman 500e Dual Action Elliptical which allows you to have an easy workout at home.

With the Ironman 500e Dual Action Elliptical, you can do your workout everyday. Just spending at least 30 minutes on it each day will provide you with the satisfaction of having done your body something good. You can do it while watching TV or while your wife or your husband is cooking dinner.

You will surely enjoy the Ironman 500e Dual Action Elliptical and probably find one day that you don’t want to stop. You will not feel any pain because this amazing machine does not put pressure on your joints, your knees, or your ankles. It is very gentle to those joints so it is perfect for those who have suffered previous injuries and older people with sensitive joints and for those who do not like the pain that accompanies a workout. As you are enjoying yourself, you are able to lose weight, build muscles and strengthen your heart.

The Ironman 500e Dual Action Elliptical is steadily growing in popularity because of its many features. It has several resistance levels that you can adjust to fit your preferred workout intensity. It also has an LCD monitor that shows your progress. It provides heart rate, time and distance readings as well as calories burned. If you want, you can make a record of these everyday and track your progress. This can keep you motivated to pursue your goal of a fit and healthy body.

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Ballpark and Disneyland Auto Insurance

When it comes to car insurance there are two extremes that are rarely used, but are important to understand in order to grasp how insurance policies are made. These two are known as the ballpark model and the Disneyland model, describing insurance coverage that relies mostly on insurers and coverage that relies mostly on individuals. As the vast majority of states adhere to an insurance philosophy somewhere in between these two options, it may seem fruitless to look at outliers. However, by understanding how system extremes work, a person can better understand the ranges in the middle.

The ballpark model, championed prior to the standard illegality of auto insurance, places the onus of insurance burdens on motorists. Under this system, predominately used in only one state currently, a lack of insurance requirements means that drivers are free to not protect themselves on the road. Without universal liability coverage, the cost of insurance for each accident can be prohibitively expensive for drivers.

On the other hand, the Disneyland model stands as the opposite to the ballpark model. According to this standard, being experimented with in another state, auto insurers take full responsibility for claims. This can make premiums higher, as insurance companies will want to cover the cost of automatic coverage. However, the costs of repairing a vehicle are significantly lower for drivers.

In the execution of the ballpark model, besides optional insurance, there are little changes to the current industry. On the other hand, the Disneyland model requires significant overhaul of the current system in order to regularize the execution of this model. Proponents of this kind of insurance argue that license plates could be privatized in order to facilitate full insurance company liability.

To learn more about insurance philosophies and how they affect you, as well as the insurance options available in your area, contact a car insurance expert.

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Car Hire Guide at the Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote is a part of the Canary Islands. It has an international airport that has flown millions of passengers annually, with most of them coming from the European regions. The airport had served as a stop over for passengers with connecting flights. Arrecife is only 5 kilometers from the airport and it is also considered as the airport’s city center.

Buses and taxis are the most common modes of transportation around here. There is a bus running from the airport and into the bus station at Arrecife. That bus line also passes through San Borondon, Playa Honda, and Playa del Reducto. However, if your main destination is the right to the heart of Lanzarote, only a taxi can take you there.

To have total convenience while moving around here, simply book a car that can take you there. Travel in style around Lanzarote with a flashy car. As for families, there are budget cars available from the car rental companies too. You can be assured that there is a car that perfectly fits your needs. Budget, Avis, and Hertz are among the major car hire companies that operate in the area. Local car rental providers such as Plus Car and Cabrera Medina are available too. Altogether, these companies can serve travelers with their car hire needs. There’s a car that fits your lifestyle and special requirements. BMW’s and Mercedes are perfect for the meticulous traveler. The adventure seekers could go for the Freelander 4×4, Renault Traffic, or Opel Combo.

Online car hire portals can help you hire a car and make them ready for you when you arrive. The online facilities available for travelers make this feature available. When you get to the Lanzarote Airport, you can immediately pick up the car that you booked online and drive it over to your hotel.

Plan your escapade in Spain well to enjoy it fully. Experience a fly-drive adventure in Spain. To get out of the airport and into Arrecife, you simply have to take the Arrecife-Yaiza motorway. Have a map at your side and you’ll never go wrong.

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Simplify Your Life: Live an Elegant Lifestyle Starting Today

“Elegant Simplicity” represents a lifestyle choice than allows you to increase the quality of your life right now.

You don’t have to wait until your house, car, or credit cards are paid off. You don’t need to get a promotion or even a raise. You don’t even have to spend a single dime.

This version of “Elegant Simplicity” begins with the original idea of elegance. Not only does art use this lovely word, but math and science do too. It refers to the quality of being ‘unusually simple and effective.’

If something is going to be unusually simple and effective, it makes sense that you can start using it right away, yes?

In this article, you’ll discover two guidelines for living a life of elegant simplicity, one big concept to help you get and stay motivated to follow through on the actions you can take to make sure your new and improved lifestyle ‘sticks’, and three places you might want to pay extra close attention.

When easing in to your new, refined lifestyle, you will be well-served to recall these two important guidelines:

1. Your standards reign supreme. Make wise decisions to suit yourself. These are your surroundings, and what’s important to you is what matters.

2. Your decisions, therefore are based on your values and your goals.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means to you.

Some people are all about having the very best of everything, from coffee, to clothes, to cars. Fine, if you like the best of these, help yourself. Just remind yourself that being in credit card debt is not an elegantly simple lifestyle. That’s a lifestyle of indentured servitude. So, the best of everything works in this definition as long as you can pay it off as you buy it. Fair enough?

Other folks like to go extreme in the other direction. Now, we’re talking about extreme frugality. Elegant simplicity definitely refers to living below your means, but it stops short at anything that is extreme in that it takes more trouble than it’s worth to you.

Here’s an example: An extreme frugalista once suggested when the toothpaste runs out of that last squeeze, use a straight razor to slice open the tube and scrape out the last bit.

Hmmm… Does that sound elegant to you? Remember, Simple and Effective.

Let’s now turn to the big concept to help you get and stay motivated to follow through on the actions you can take to make sure your new and improved lifestyle ‘sticks’. That’s the idea of knowing exactly what’s in it for you to adjust your habits in order to live a more elegant, gracious, lovely lifestyle.

You need to know WHY you want this result. I call these your “BFW’s.” That stands for Big, Fat Whys.

Why are you willing to get rid of excess that doesn’t serve you? Use as many reasons as you possibly can so that when you feel the need to bring something into your space that doesn’t fit you new elegant lifestyle, you can recall it just doesn’t belong with the new you.

Here are three places where you might want to pay extra close attention as they tend to collect clutter like crazy:

1. Your closet

2. Your paperwork

3. Your “collections”

Let’s start with your closest. Go through alone, or if you are buoyed by emotional support, with a friend who loves you enough to tell you the truth, and examine each article of clothing. Try it on if you are thinking of keeping it.

Ask yourself these tough questions:

* Do you look great in this?

* Do you feel great in this?

* Is it easy to care for? Wash and wear with no ironing is jackpot!

If you get a big yes on each of these questions, this item is part of your “A List” wardrobe.

Not an “A Lister”?

Why keep something that you don’t feel and look great in? Think about that.

Are you saying that it “used to” fit and now it doesn’t? One day you’ll be that size again, perhaps? Well, you know what’s reality about yourself better than anyone. Just ask yourself this question: When you get down to that size again, wouldn’t you love to go out and get yourself a brand new outfit? Of course you would. Let that one go for now, and allow your closet to house the items that reflect your current reality.

The second area of concern is all that paperwork. Make brutal and very quick decisions about ever allowing paperwork in your house. Look at your mail before you come in, and if you can reach a trashcan before you get inside, don’t even grant it access to your inner sanctum.

Ask yourself, am I legally, morally, or ethically bound to keep this paper? If I were to lose it, how would I replace it? Then, toss it. Only about 20% of your paper needs to be kept anyway.

And finally let’s look at how “collections” stand in your way of an elegant lifestyle. Did you start a collection by accident, and then all your friends and family found you have a collection and now all you ever get at gift time is another doo-dad?

Simple solution. Tell them, thanks for always thinking of me. I’m no longer collecting widgets.

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