Job Security in an Automated World

Industrialization did bring along this notion of jobs which was an offshoot of socialist upheaval. Although there is nothing wrong with it and it did exist in some or the other form of local, domestic and national services. From governmental bodies to various departments such as military and administration but the concept of job creation was tagged along the desire of an individual to be secure in the post mainstream monarchy world of 20th Century. It provided a sense of stability and the ability to work in coherence with the society and afford a lifestyle, have a car and enjoy the weekend. Get a house, go for vacation and have a retirement fund kind of life.

But since all of this was present- what actually lagged was this sense of ownership of one’s energies and productivity to create something unique and something empowering for others around them. Therefore, you see this entrepreneurial revolution brewing up with all these startups from Silicon Valley taking over the suddenly stagnant world. There is no ideological rift but that the change was imminent. The new generation of millennial were fed up of the old-school way of conducting life- there was no thrill no interactivity and no charm at all. Nothing to look forward, nothing to feel passionate about- just a subtle way to eat, sleep, work and repeat. There was no sensation in terms of daring ideas and finding ways to improve lifestyle.

It just wasn’t there. The ways to enhance the global growth that had saturated, was running in circles to find something extraordinary that moves this stagnancy forward. IT and the Silicon Valley outlook provided the sudden base, platform and runway for these ideas to leap and reach forward. It was time that someone who doesn’t own a shipping company, airline, bank or real estate can come forward and claim the limelight and perks. It was inventive and yes he did provide real value. You can call him Jobs, Gates, Bezos, Page or Zuckerberg- the name keeps changing but the vision remains the same. To make life more fun and more enterprising. But yes, it did break lot of preconceived notions and stereotypes. Boy, are we ready to embrace this? We better be, because the way things are moving ahead looks like if we don’t adopt- we will be thrown out of the game.

Looking at the bigger picture and this gradual shift in employment patterns. Conspiracy theorists may wonder if the global economic meltdown was actually engineered to jolt people so that they move towards life of self-fulfillment. Living with paycheck to paycheck left little to appreciate what they were doing. So when money lost its power to satisfy us, we wanted passion to gear our profession.

People were forced out of their homes and deprived of their savings, earning and credit limits to find jobs for which they would work for less. Big pay checks were only left for those who would go out of the way to create a niche for themselves. It may sound a little risky but this development was so long overdue that there was no option left but to force people to take charge of their own lives. There were foreclosures and there were stock market losses but was it a silent call? Only time will tell and whistleblowers will reveal.

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